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Gary Carroll has been CEO of CEC Environmental since June 1996.  CEC Environmental is an environmental management firm which provides environmental engineering management, regulatory, policy and technical environmental compliance and audit assistance to a variety of clients.  He has experience in serving clients like the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Department of Energy (DOE), the Department of Defense (DOD) chemical and oil companies, financial institutions, and law firms.

Prior to starting CEC Environmental, Gary Carroll was a Senior Program Manger for Project Performance Corporation (PPC) (1995 to 1996.  In that capacity, Carroll was lead manager on projects which support the Department of Energy’s multi-billion dollar nuclear environmental restoration initiatives, waste management, program management, environmental policy and economic analysis, and facility dismantlement.

He was also a Senior Associate for the American Petroleum Institute (1993 to 1995) in Washington, DC.  As an Associate for the Manufacturing Distribution and Marketing (MDM) division, he provided lead management of activities and programs of API’s General Committee on Marketing and Marketing Operations/Engineering Committee and the Technical Data Committee.  He was responsible for ensuring that the underground storage installation and removal standards compiled all pertinent data into the development of industry standards.  In addition, he also managed an annual budget of $800,000 comprising of operating and research funding.

Gary Carroll served as a Regulatory Analysts for ICF Kaiser International (1992 to  1993), where he provided lead management in the technical support in responding to comments on the Oil Pollution Prevention; Non-transportation-related Onshore and Offshore Facilities proposed rule (SPCC Phase I).  In addition, he also provided technical and analytical support for the development of a rulemaking package for adjusting Reportable Quantities (RQs) for lead metal, lead compounds, lead-containing hazardous wastes and methyl isocyanate (MIC).

Carroll has matriculated through the Doctor of Science program at The George Washington University School of Engineering and Applied Sciences where he studied environmental engineering management.  He holds a M.S. degree in environmental science from The Johns Hopkins University, and a B.S. degree in environmental science from Howard University.

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